Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fabulous 'Goa' - Day 1

On reaching Goa from Pune, let's continue with the first day of my trip..... :)

We started our day with superb lunch. We walked from the resort, and it hardly took ten minutes to reach the beach. Vagator beach was very clean, beautiful and peaceful. It was just opposite from my thought. North Goa is famous for huge crowds. But I could see that there was not much crowd, and mostly  foreigners were there. It took a little time to understand that the Vagator Beach is northernmost beach of Bardez Taluka, Goa, and I think this was the reason that it was less crowded.

While walking on beach side we saw one beautiful restaurant on the side hill top. We did not find any name from the beach. But it was looking beautiful. We thought it was 'Thalassa restaurant' because of the cliff location. We read about Thalassa on internet while searching best restaurants in North Goa. So, we decided to go on the top. It was nearby fifty stairs from bottom to reach the restaurant. We started and went to the top. The restaurant name was 'Alcove Resort'. We were little disappointed because it was not 'Thalassa'. The Google map was showing that Thalassa was very near from that place. But this restaurant location was also nice, and I was very hungry, so we decided to had lunch there. 

We sat on the cliff side table that was giving the full beach view. It was a sunny day, but the air was cool and pleasant. We ordered Goan fish curry with plain jeera steamed rice and two glasses of sparkling white wine. The location was giving very lovely feeling. After few minutes of wait our lunch came. It was a yummy food. We enjoyed our lunch. It was a romantic experience for me.

After the lunch. We went outside from the top entrance of restaurant. There was a rented vehicle area. On the road side, all the vehicles lined up. We wanted one vehicle for the traveling. We liked one Activa. Vehicle person told us about the rent and gave the keys of Activa. It was very reasonable, and I must say it was the nice decision. We experienced wonderful rides as well as it was easy to go anywhere and anytime.

We came back to the resort on activa. After taking a good sleep, we again left for the beach in the evening. We noticed that near from the resort there was a famous restaurant 'Mango Tree.' It was an open bar restaurant. Our resort receptionist told us about that and gave a positive review. But we were in the beach mood, so directly went to the beach. We enjoyed beach-side food, and I did shopping from the stalls and did some water activities too. We spent a beautiful evening. While walking we got to know that Vagator beach is connected with the 'Ozran beach'. That was also very pretty. We saw the lovely sunset and relaxed on the sand. Since we had heavy snacks in the evening, we had light dinner at the beach-side hut and came back. Enjoyed night at the resort and made a plan for the next day.

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