Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fabulous 'Goa' - Baga Beach

After spending half day at the fort and enjoying delicious lunch at 'Thalassa', we left for the 'Baga Beach'. It took us half an hour to reach the beach. It was around 6 o'clock in the evening. We enjoyed the sunset view from the 'Baga beach'. When it got little dark, all the beach side shacks beautifully lighted up. 

Baga is well-known for the nights. After sunset, we came outside the beach. Near the beach, there is very famous Titos Lane. This lane is very popular for many outstanding discs, clubs and pubs. We read very positive reviews of Tito's Club, so we decided to go there. While walking, we experienced a different kind of environment. Titos lane was so amazing and lively. The music was giving joy, and the atmosphere was making us enchanted.

After few minutes of walking, we reached Tito's club. Outside from the club there was a ticket window. There was too much rush at the window, and the club timing was 10:30pm onwards. We thought that we will be very late if we go to the club. The weather was also not favorable because light rain started. So, we had to cancel the club plan, and we went to 'Fiesta'.

Fiesta restaurant was an attractive place with a beautiful interior. I liked the ambience and music also. It is known for the European style of cooking. It was very romantic, and we had very delicious dinner with red wine. We spent approximately three hours at Fiesta and then we left for the resort. Light rain was going on, so we bought raincoats from the beachside stall. We had good experience of the ride and after 40 minutes we were at the resort. It was already 12 o'clock. We enjoyed a cup of hot coffee in our room and relaxed. We planned our next day keeping it as a very relaxed day.

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